About Title Loans


Need money in a hurry? Vehicle title loans in Riverside are available if you meet the qualifications. Once you've been approved for a car title loan with Highridge Title Loan Lending, there are so many things that you can do with the money.

1. Pay monthly expenses. Are you behind on your rent, mortgage or utilities? It can be expensive to live in Riverside. By getting a title loan from Highridge Title Loan Lending, you can get caught up on your monthly bills.

2. Fix your car or make home repairs. Minor repairs on your vehicle can add up. This is especially true if you need brakes, tires and a major tune-up. Why not get a small loan using your car title to help you pay for these expenses?

3. Pay school expenses. Books, tuition and school fees are costly. When it comes to getting money to pay these expenses, your vehicle's equity can be a valuable resource.

Title loans in Riverside aren't complicated. These short-term loans let you borrow money against your vehicle's title.

After your application has been approved, you could receive your loan money within a day. The best part about title loans is you get to keep your car while you repay your loan.

There are additional benefits of getting approved for a loan with Highridge Title Loan Lending. Our application process doesn't require a significant time commitment.

Another benefit is your loan offer will be determined by the value of your car. That's good news if you need a sizable amount of money and you own a valuable vehicle.

Regardless of your financial needs, your vehicle can be a valuable resource to help you get money quickly. If you own a vehicle that's free and clear of liens, you have the opportunity to use your vehicle as collateral for title loans in Riverside.

Apply Info

At Highridge Title Loan Lending, our goal is to simplify the title loan process for applicants. Our online loan application portal offers a fast way for you to get a loan decision.

Interested in finding out how much money you can get from title loans in Riverside? Here's what you'll need to do.

Step 1: Let us know about your vehicle. Provide the following information about your vehicle - year, make, model, style and estimated mileage. After you've entered this information, you'll be prompted to go to the next screen.

Step 2: Enter your full name, cell phone number, email and zip code. After you submit the information to Highridge Title Loan Lending, you'll receive a free quote of your vehicle's value.

Step 3: A representative will contact you soon to complete the application process. While you're speaking with the representative from Highridge Title Loan Lending, you can get additional information about our company's lending process.

Step 4: Receive your loan decision quickly. If your loan application has been approved, you'll need to provide additional information. This includes your current vehicle title, photo identification (government-issued) and proof of income.

When it comes to approving title loans in Riverside at Highridge Title Loan Lending, our company doesn't waste time. Once you've submitted your application, you can expect the application process to move quickly.

How It Works

Many applicants find it easy to get approved for car title loans in Riverside with Highridge Title Loan Lending. That's the reason they are so popular with customers who need quick cash.

Before you sign your loan contract, take a few moments to learn how car title loans at Highridge Title Loan Lending work. Here's what you need to know about the process.

You'll be required to sign a written loan contract. After you sign the loan contract, your cash will be deposited into your bank account.

As soon as the deposit posts to your account, you can withdraw as much cash as you need. You can spend the money on any expense.

Car title loans in Riverside are short-term loans. This means that you'll be required to repay the loan quickly. You should keep this in mind before you agree to a loan amount.

Throughout the loan period, a lien will be placed on your vehicle because your car will be used to guarantee it. After you make your final payment, you can get the lien released from your car.

If you need money for any expense, vehicle title loans offer a streamlined way to get cash. Submit an application to Highridge Title Loan Lending today.